Pretty in Pink

2315 Sewanee Lane


A 3 bedroom starter home in a great part of Arcadia for around 600k! Too good to be true? Yes

This was the home of the Felsch twins who lived in this home for over 40 years. One of the twins passed away in January 2011 and the other twin passed away in August 2011 leaving this home in a state of probate. The bedrooms are on the small side and the exterior pink color is hideous but the lot is huge. The bathtub in the full bathroom was removed and replaced with a shower stall. Overall the place is in decent livable condition. Since this is a probate sale, there’s alot of uncertainty, even if you’re offer is accepted you’ll have to show up in probate court where anyone could outbid you. There’s also the fact that one of the twins passed away on the property which might scare away many supersticious spooked out potential buyers. Still, if someone is willing to go through the probate process, the might be able to get a nice little starter home or a big lot to build a McMansion for a great price.  Hurry up though, I’ve heard today is the last day they’ll be accepting offers.

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